How this affects me

I know a lot of people would now like to stop talking about politics and I understand, but while some people have the compacity to stop worrying I am still thinking how this election will affect me and more importantly my loved ones.

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So Much Potty Talk


“Obama can’t rewrite the Civil Rights Act. He’s not a King,” said Gov. Abbott referring to the announcement made by the Justice Department saying they were countersuing North Carolina on a Civil Rights claim. Not long after President Obama wrote a letter advising American public schools to accommodate for transgender students.

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Family and Politics

I did this thing. I came out to my parents… as a Bernie fan. Coming from the south I was raised in a conservative household, but I grew up in Austin so I had the opportunity to grow up in a mass of different political theories. My parents were also always very clear that I should think for myself. So when I told my mom that I felt “The Burn” she didn’t say, “maybe you should see someone about that.” She replied positively and said that it showed a lot of character. When I texted my dad (yes I texted shame on me). I simply said, “I don’t know if you know this but I am a fan of Bernie.” After what felt like an eternity, he texted me back saying, “No I did not know about that. What do you like about him?” Sensible good response and he gave me the opportunity to share why I liked this old man with fluffy – but not creepy – hair.


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What I think of Obama in Austin

Spring break is just around the corner, and I will be back in Austin soon. But until then I am still here in Savannah working on finals and watching everyone go crazy for SXSW and Obama’s seventh visit to my town.


In most places in America, politics seems to be very polarized. This state is red, this one is blue. Don’t talk about gun control in this household, be careful of how you speak of the president in that one. Austin is unique, it’s the capital of Texas and it is known for being a blue dot in a sea of red, or as I have called it “the blue headed step child.”

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I voted (weeks ago)

Voting can feel like an exam. You have to study and keep yourself informed before the big test. A test that can effect you and the people in your community. It’s important grownup stuff that most people underestimate because they think their vote won’t matter. This time though when I voted I felt like I was cheating on an exam.IMG_3255

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Southern Meets Swedish

I don’t know if you have noticed by now, but I am from the south. I like the south. I like talking about the south, and it has its flaws, but I like talking about those too. Well, my boyfriend is about as far from the south as you can get, he is Swedish. Like fresh off the boat Swedish. It makes for an interesting relationship. His friends from home tell him to watch out for my dad and his guns, and my friends tell me to watch out for his socialist views.

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“Marriage, marwage is what brings us together today”

I had a dream about being chased by bridal gowns and woke up coughing from acid reflex. It is safe to say that I don’t have warm and fuzzy feeling about weddings and that is because growing up in the South. Where traditions are law and marriage is required by eighteen.

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