How this affects me

I know a lot of people would now like to stop talking about politics and I understand, but while some people have the compacity to stop worrying I am still thinking how this election will affect me and more importantly my loved ones.

In my family I am the outlier, I am one of the few who didn’t “go home” when it came to voting this year. I went for Hillary. Also unlike my family, I know a lot of immigrants. I am dating an immigrant. I go to a school with immigrants, and I am better for it. Because of these people, I have a much better world view and together we come up with creative solutions to difficult problems.

My major is writing where we learn the power of freedom of speech. How a country with strong journalists who can speak the truth is a better one.

I also have friends and family that are in the LBGT community. People who had to fight for their right to love. A lot of them had a hard time coming out. That hardship was supposed to be in the past, now I don’t know what will happen.

Finally, I am a woman. I believe women should be paid an equal wage. I also believe in a women’s right to choose. I also believe that a man and women should be treated equally and that is not what happened on Nov. 8th, 2016. Trump could have easily gotten away with the email scandal and Hillary would never have gotten away with any one thing Trump has done.

Now that America has said it’s peace. I am worried for my friends and family who are immigrants. While Trump has said, “I would never kill (journalists)” he sure does threaten them a lot. I am worried about the safety of my LBGT people. Will the man who whose campaign was supported by the NRA stop the next Pulse attach? What about all my friends who are supposedly rapist and killers just because they are immigrants and their skin isn’t as white as mine or as orange as Trumps. Last I am worried that little girls will grow up thinking they can never win to a man who treats women as less than. That little boys who will see this man in office and think it is ok to tell a girl, “must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.” America sent a message to the world yesterday, and it is “we are scared.” This is just my way of saying that we have a right to be.


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