So Much Potty Talk


“Obama can’t rewrite the Civil Rights Act. He’s not a King,” said Gov. Abbott referring to the announcement made by the Justice Department saying they were countersuing North Carolina on a Civil Rights claim. Not long after President Obama wrote a letter advising American public schools to accommodate for transgender students.

Obama hasn’t made any new laws he simply wrote a letter advising schools on how to conduct themselves. He didn’t unilaterally decide to do this like a king or dictator. After gathering information and advice from the Department of Education, Department of Justice, and even the Department of Health he simply wrote a letter based on the advice he was given, like a president should.

Abbott is suggesting that discrimination of the transgender community does not qualify as a civil rights case when in fact there are already laws put in place claiming it is.

  • Obama Care protects people no matter your sexual identity, sexual orientation etc.
  • If you are sexually assaulted based on sexual identity, it is a criminal and civil rights case.

Obama is not rewriting anything and I believe Abbott knows that.

Recently in the media, it seems like a big part of America just discovered what the T stands for in LGBT. Some people think it’s a new phenomenon or trend and hope to “protect” themselves and hope that it passes. But like all the people in the LGBT community, their history is long and unfortunately filled with short lived lives due to hate crimes.

For years we have all been sharing bathrooms with people from the transgender community. Suddenly, people who claim to have family values are concerned about this even though statistically there have been very few instances where this has been an issue.

If Gov. Abbott wants to talk about schools why doesn’t he talk about…

  • How underfunded they are
  • How standardized testing is outdated
  • How to fix sex education

There are so many other better things to talk about then bathrooms.

It is a known fact that people fear what they don’t understand and that new fear seems to be the transgender community. For some any aspect of the LGBT community can be confusing. My suggestion for anyone, including Gov. Abbott, who is trying to understand is to talk to someone in the LGBT community. Ask them questions be empathetic, have an open mind, and don’t judge.



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