Back in Austin

My boyfriend and I are back in Austin for Spring Break and in 24 hours I am still experiencing some culture re-acclimation. When a light turns green and a certain amount of time has passed I wait to hear someone honk telling the lazy person to get a move on, but no such thing has happened. Last night I went into H.E.B and was overwhelmed by my choices and low prices. And for lunch today I was very excited and not worried that I wasn’t going to find something I liked.


For my first full day in Austin, I made a plan, a small plan. Austin coasters on South Congress, P. Terry’s, and Zilker. I realized that this might mean fighting SXSW traffic but I thought I knew the roads better than those who were visiting. I was in the need for Austin coasters for my place back in Savannah and I wasn’t going to let tourists stop me. My boyfriend and I were on SoCo and parked in record time.

The streets were packed with vendors, locals, and music enthusiasts. I could smell Home Slice and was again regretting giving up cheese. We crossed Congress and got an eyeful of the capital and the Austin skyline. On the other side of the crosswalk were two vendors selling itty bitty succulents in Texas shaped containers, and they were selling like hot cakes. But my eyes were on the white tent with the coasters. Next door at Gueros Taco Bar a man named Badass Bill was singing a song he had dedicated to his mother who was turning 69 today.

The man who was selling all the coasters had lots of classic Austin location to choose from. There was the “I Love You, So Much” sign, Willy Nelson, and a verity of other tagged placed in Austin that we consider art. I chose the Austin skyline and the Torchy’s Tacos sign. As you might have noticed I talk about Torchy’s a lot. It’s very relevant to my life.


After we were done wandering around SoCo we headed to P. Terry’s and got some burgers. The lady who served us was very nice and had a wonderful attitude for someone who was working outside at a fast food restaurant. After collecting our orders, we drove to Zilker Park to have a small picnic.


The sky was blue, the sun was hot, and the wind was cold. We found a nice place to lay out a blanket and enjoyed our lunch, or tried too. I don’t know how much you know about grackles but in Austin we have a lot and they are considered protected “singing” birds. They are smaller then crows and not as smart, but still smart enough to be a pain. The ones in Austin are also not scared of human so while I was snacking on some of my favorite fries in the world I had these two little birds circling me and waiting for me to drop one. I shood them and made scary noises at them, but they just waited. Finally, I stood up and walked after them while eating my burger. It was like corralling sheep. They didn’t fly away just walked in front of me unafraid.

When I was done and full I went over to throw away our trash and notice that most of the bin was filled with Whole Foods bags, and not the traditional MacDonalds and Taco Bell you might see in other cities. For the next few hours we lay in the sun reading and watching the many unleashed happy dogs, and people flying kites. I was back in Austin.


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