What I think of Obama in Austin

Spring break is just around the corner, and I will be back in Austin soon. But until then I am still here in Savannah working on finals and watching everyone go crazy for SXSW and Obama’s seventh visit to my town.


In most places in America, politics seems to be very polarized. This state is red, this one is blue. Don’t talk about gun control in this household, be careful of how you speak of the president in that one. Austin is unique, it’s the capital of Texas and it is known for being a blue dot in a sea of red, or as I have called it “the blue headed step child.”

The house I grew up in was red, and so were the private Christian schools I attended. However, a lot of my friend’s families were blue like most of Austin. Because of this, I was lucky enough to hear both sides of the story, and many opinions.

When Obama first came to office I heard of the doom he would bring, and the joy of not having Bush anymore. Four years later when it was my first time voting I watched the debates and did my best to stay informed. People talked of the hope and change he would bring, others of how he was just a sweet talker.

There were some people who really hated Obama as a person. They thought he was manipulative, and self-serving. Other’s thought the exact opposite. I heard it all, but it wasn’t until I came to college that I felt like I could truly have my own independent thoughts on the matter. After all isn’t that what college is all about?

For better or for worse college exposes people to popular politics. Students speak their minds openly and slowly I became more interested in the news. The more I saw and heard the more sympathetic for both sides I became. I don’t think looking at thinks as Blue and Red is the answer. People are not one thing or the other and politicians are no exception.

I no longer look at Obama and wonder if he’s a good person. I think he is. So when I watched Obama on the news walk into my local taco stop I found myself smiling. Obama is a nice guy. He is trying, he is doing what he thinks is best, and he gives it more thought than people give him credit for. I would not say that I agree with all of his politics but as a person, I think he is someone worthy of eating a Torchy’s taco. I am only jealous because I am in Savannah and can’t have on myself.

P.S. As I write this I realize I am about to go spend a week with my family, and I just gave Obama a compliment after they just suffered the extra terrible traffic inflicted on them by Obamas visit and SXSW…. Love you guy =)


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