I SCREAM for Ice Cream

I gave up cheese and milk. Not dairy all together just the two things that might have been hurting my stomach for years and I was in denial. At this very moment my boyfriend is eating Mac and Cheese. The melting cheese and hot noodles are molding to his spoon, and it makes this sound, a sound only cheese can make. God! Giving up cheese is worse than that one time I gave up gluten. I had dreams of chasing Ryan Gosling around the Driskill Hotel, he had bread and it was lathered with their homemade butter. Have you ever had Driskill home made butter? It’s been almost two weeks without cheese or milk and I am waiting for Gosling to make another appearance.menue

So in light of this life choice and the fact that this time next week I will be making my way to Austin I thought I would talk about Austin ice cream, just to torture myself.

For classic Austin ice cream there is Amy’s. Now, I tended not to be in love with Amy’s as much as other Austenites. Weird I know considering I tend to be pro-Austin everything every day. This isn’t to say that I don’t like the company Amy’s. They have the best attitude, customer service, lots of smiles, and good style. But, when I was growing up they tended to have the same flavors over and over. I can only get Sweet Cream with mixed reeses so many times. In the past few years however, they have stepped up their game. Today when I walk into an Amy’s I will see if they have Zilker Mint Chip, or my fave Guinness. A Guinness milkshake is the best. But they are always changing their specials. Amy’s is also the father of Phil’s Icehouse, and BAKED a new bakery in north Austin.

For a while now, I have been favoring Licks over Amy’s. At Licks they like to make what they call honest ice cream where everything is fresh, wholesome, and seasonal. Over the summer I was always going for the Smore flavor, at least, I think that is what it was called. It was seasonal so they didn’t have it last time I was there. It had chocolate, gram crackers, and molasses. My mouth is watering. Licks likes to mix it up so you can find unique flavors from Goat Cheese, Thyme, and Honey to the very popular Roast Beet Fresh Mint. Who knew something so natural could look so much like Play Doh.


Licks also provides for people like me who have given up dairy or who can’t tolerate it. So when I am there over spring break I think I will try the Coconut, Peanut Butter, and Cholates Swirl. Unless everyone from SXSW eats it all before I get there.

Something I shouldn’t try, but want, is Central Market’s gelato. Thick Italian ice cream and loved by people who are well acquainted with the true Italian style. Their Tiramisu flavor has always been a favorite of mine, but last time I was there I got Lavender.

Sandy’s Frozen Custard and Root Beer, is a classic. It’s been in the middle of downtown Austin as long as anyone can remember. America might know it as that spot where the Texas Governor got his ice cream after he was arrested and then again after he was acquitted. But I know it as the spot where you get a good chocolate malt, or dipped cone. Sandy’s isn’t that far from the place where I did acting as a kid. After a show we would grab some custard from Sandy’s and put on a skit on the tables outside.

Austin is filled with good ice cream, not to mention Blue Bell is back on the shelves. All of which I can not eat. So I suspect that Ryan Gosling will be running around in my dreams with one of the flavors mentioned above. Things to look forward too.



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