Back in Austin

My boyfriend and I are back in Austin for Spring Break and in 24 hours I am still experiencing some culture re-acclimation. When a light turns green and a certain amount of time has passed I wait to hear someone honk telling the lazy person to get a move on, but no such thing has happened. Last night I went into H.E.B and was overwhelmed by my choices and low prices. And for lunch today I was very excited and not worried that I wasn’t going to find something I liked.


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What I think of Obama in Austin

Spring break is just around the corner, and I will be back in Austin soon. But until then I am still here in Savannah working on finals and watching everyone go crazy for SXSW and Obama’s seventh visit to my town.


In most places in America, politics seems to be very polarized. This state is red, this one is blue. Don’t talk about gun control in this household, be careful of how you speak of the president in that one. Austin is unique, it’s the capital of Texas and it is known for being a blue dot in a sea of red, or as I have called it “the blue headed step child.”

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I SCREAM for Ice Cream

I gave up cheese and milk. Not dairy all together just the two things that might have been hurting my stomach for years and I was in denial. At this very moment my boyfriend is eating Mac and Cheese. The melting cheese and hot noodles are molding to his spoon, and it makes this sound, a sound only cheese can make. God! Giving up cheese is worse than that one time I gave up gluten. I had dreams of chasing Ryan Gosling around the Driskill Hotel, he had bread and it was lathered with their homemade butter. Have you ever had Driskill home made butter? It’s been almost two weeks without cheese or milk and I am waiting for Gosling to make another appearance.menue

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I Hear Dallas is Great!

Austin was a great place to grow up. It’s where I was “home brewed” so to speak. I got to spend a lot of time outside in the Green Belt, Zilker, all the springs. I heard both sides of politics. Nongeneric music was everywhere. Low priced organic food was always an option, and it was not a crowded city. In fact, I grew up calling it a town. Austin was a town.


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I voted (weeks ago)

Voting can feel like an exam. You have to study and keep yourself informed before the big test. A test that can effect you and the people in your community. It’s important grownup stuff that most people underestimate because they think their vote won’t matter. This time though when I voted I felt like I was cheating on an exam.IMG_3255

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