Live Music Capital of the World

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. I am not very familiar with how Austin received this title, but I know it pre-proceeds ACL. I think they should change it to The Indie Live Music Capital of the World. Because we don’t get a lot of big labels. When acclaimed singers are making their way through Texas they much rather stop in Dallas or Huston where they have great venues that fit thousands of people. Austin has The Frank Erwin Center a concrete dome in the middle of UT campus that was built in 1977. The Frank Erwin Center can hold 16,734 people while Minute Made Park can hold 40,950. When people think of music in Austin it’s the troubadours on SoCo, and instead of stadiums filled with people, they think of fields.


ACL, Austin City Limits, is a big part of bringing music and music lovers to Austin. In the fall, you can count on more traffic and a few neighbors climbing on their roofs to see the festival miles away. When I went to Austin High I could hear the artist practicing and I could feel the base in my chest in the next county. There was that one muddy year. The slush came up well past my ankles and the there were high hippies sliding around on their bellies. Long gone are the days were ACL was one weekend and there was a chance to sneak in.

In the spring, there is SXSW, South by Southwest, or as locals call it South by. Unlike ACL South by is spread out all around the town. If you want music you might find yourself on 6th Street, Red River, or Stubbs. If you want tech there might be a few tents, and movies can always be found at Alamo Drafthouse. South by covers a wide verity of entertainment, not just music.

In the summer, it’s Blues on the Green. Singers will come to Zilker and perform to a field of people. The events are free and spread out throughout summer. Austenites will bring a blanket their dogs and listen to Bob Schneider. Austin likes its live music we just like hearing it inside a bar, or outside, stadiums are just to formal.


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