I Miss My Groceries


Like I have mentioned before Austin is great when it comes to food, and groceries stores are no exception. We have H.E.B, Central Market, Sprouts, and of cores Whole Foods. Just to name a few.

We have lots of small farms and ranches making Austin this weird mish mash of city and farm. One second I will be driving by Old Navy and the next I am at a stop light by a small ranch. In east Austin there is this place called Boggy Creek Farm it’s owned by one of my friend’s grandparents and it’s protected as a historical landmark. When I was little we would go out there and pick strawberries, and when a tornado hit Austin in 2001 we pitched in to help clean up the farm. It’s little farms like Boggy Creek that make Austin’s groceries so good.

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Live Music Capital of the World

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. I am not very familiar with how Austin received this title, but I know it pre-proceeds ACL. I think they should change it to The Indie Live Music Capital of the World. Because we don’t get a lot of big labels. When acclaimed singers are making their way through Texas they much rather stop in Dallas or Huston where they have great venues that fit thousands of people. Austin has The Frank Erwin Center a concrete dome in the middle of UT campus that was built in 1977. The Frank Erwin Center can hold 16,734 people while Minute Made Park can hold 40,950. When people think of music in Austin it’s the troubadours on SoCo, and instead of stadiums filled with people, they think of fields.

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Southern Meets Swedish

I don’t know if you have noticed by now, but I am from the south. I like the south. I like talking about the south, and it has its flaws, but I like talking about those too. Well, my boyfriend is about as far from the south as you can get, he is Swedish. Like fresh off the boat Swedish. It makes for an interesting relationship. His friends from home tell him to watch out for my dad and his guns, and my friends tell me to watch out for his socialist views.

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A Growing Austin

“When I was growing up all of this was farm land.” This is a comment an old lady would say to her grandchildren, but instated it is me – a twenty-one-year-old – talking to my boyfriend as we drive down Mopac. Austin is growing and regretfully it shows no signs of stopping. Farms have turned into shopping centers, Mam and Pap places are now tourist locations, and the highways are parking lots.

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“Marriage, marwage is what brings us together today”

I had a dream about being chased by bridal gowns and woke up coughing from acid reflex. It is safe to say that I don’t have warm and fuzzy feeling about weddings and that is because growing up in the South. Where traditions are law and marriage is required by eighteen.

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